Every year we select as our guests a group of 100 Captains from all over the world.

About 100, among Yacht Captains, Chief Engineers, Yacht Managers, are invited to attend a 3-day calendar at Yare 2024.
This includes the District tour, the Captains’ Forum and the B2C with the companies.
Participants are selected on the following criteria

  • MY / SY
  • Private / Commercial
  • Yacht length (min 24 mt to be guest of the event)
  • flag
  • navigation areas
  • interest in joining YARE community

YARE is a unique event since it allows direct networking with companies supplying services and equipment to refit your vessel.
The Forum and the Workshops are a learning opportunity with valuable insights into the superyacht industry.
The social happenings are the ideal occasions to expand your business network even more.

Subscription is strictly reserved Captains currently on board a vessel when registering YARE. The organizer will be covering your travelling and staying expenses and you will be responsible for attending all the scheduled events.