5 pm

Pitches time

5 – 6 pm

Passerelle pitch award

6 pm

After the successful experience of the past editions, YARE 2025 presents the Passerelle Pitch, a contest dedicated to the companies wishing to share a new product/service with the entire audience; a great way to boost your visibility and promote your business!
The pitch is reserved to companies who have created, launched or conceived an intelligent innovation, brand new product or unique service that is designed to improve life on board, assist Captains and Crew in their day to day operations or provide a better solution for a yacht project will deliver a 180 second sharp powerful and entertaining pitch to the captains and industry audience, where a brutal audience of judges will vote for the best idea, product or solution. The winning company as voted by the audience, will receive the YARE Innovation Award and will win a 5,000 Euro marketing bonus with The Superyacht Group.

Registration deadline: Thursday March 6th 2025